15 Days

15 Days to a Healthier Pregnancy & Better Birth

Being pregnant is a beautiful and wonderful experience! We know that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to know how best to care for yourself and your baby during this exciting time, so we have gathered wisdom from the physicians, midwives, and mothers of Andaluz Waterbirth Center,  combined with the latest research, into 15 days of practical and useful tips so you and your baby can be healthy and have the best birth possible. 

At Andaluz Waterbirth Center we have been helping families through the miraculous transition of birth for over 20 years. Having been a part of over four thousand births, we have a lot to share to help buy ativan usa your journey into motherhood go as smooth as possible. We will send you a tip a day for 15 days so that you can learn how to: • help your baby grow as healthy as possible• manage stress so that your baby can have an optimal environment to grow in• write a birth plan that is best for YOU• increase your chance of an easier labor and birth
• and much, much more! Sign up below to receive your 15 days of valuable information on how to grow a healthy baby and build a better birth! This information is completely free. Consider it our gift to you as a congratulations on your new baby!