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The meaning of “Andaluz”

In Spanish “luz” means “light”. To give light in Spanish means to give birth. “Andar” means “to go to”. We chose the name Andaluz because to us it represents walking to the light and giving birth.

Are you looking for a personalized birth experience
that is safe and makes you feel cared for?

Our experienced midwives and doctors are ready to support you and your family in a natural and safe birth.

Evidence Based Care

Andaluz Waterbirth Center upholds the rights of healthy women to birth their baby where and how they choose and provides an environment which is safe and sensitive to do so. We strive for excellence and promote evidence-based care.


Pregnancy & birth are a normal life process.


What we do

Cultivating Connection Prenatal Care

We find it important to take the time to answer your questions, share information, and get to know you. We schedule an hour for your prenatal visits and want you to know and trust your birth team. We give you the time you deserve. Time for you, your new baby, and your family.

What we do


Labor & Birth

Andaluz midwives have a lot of experience with birth! We are expert at supporting you through a natural non-interventive birth, yet we are highly qualified and prepared for emergencies.  We lead Oregon professionals with our experience and skill in waterbirth.

What we do

Family Centered

Postpartum Care

We love to pamper moms after birth! You and your birth partner will receive free meals during your stay as you snuggle in our large queen size bed with your new baby. Our postpartum midwives will attentively respond to your needs and the needs of your baby in the hours and days following your birth. 

How It Works


Check Your Insurance

Yes, we accept insurance! We are covered by most insurance companies and in-network with MODA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, and United. Give us a call or use the form below to learn more about your insurance benefits and your customized out-of-pocket estimate for care at Andaluz Waterbirth Center.

Schedule a Tour

You are invited to attend our birth centers and tour the facility. During this free tour we hope to have an open discussion and answer any questions you may have. We hope this serves as a conversation starter for your  family to determine which birth place and style of provider is right for you. 

Experience Care

Our experienced and licensed midwives will support you with connective care through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. 

Birth Beautifully

Our experienced and licensed midwives will support you through a birth experience that you are in charge of.