Postpartum Care

We love to pamper moms after birth! You and your birth partner will receive free meals during your stay as you snuggle in our large queen size bed with your new baby. Our postpartum midwives will attentively respond to your needs and the needs of your baby in the hours and days following your birth. This provides ample time to bond and gets breastfeeding off to a great start while having support and care immediately available.  Once you are home, a midwife will do a home visit in the first week of your baby’s life, and then we follow up at the birth center with postpartum care up to six weeks postpartum.


Newborn Care

We won’t separate you from your sweet, new baby. You’ll have as much time as you want to bond with your baby, including choosing who touches and holds your baby. Andaluz midwives do newborn exams within the first two hours after birth, but they are done while the baby is in your arms and/or right by your side. Our midwifery staff adores babies and recognizes that each newborn is a conscious being, requiring gentle touch and awareness.

All parents are given information about State of Oregon requirements for newborns, such as antibiotic drops for the eyes, newborn metabolic screening, and Vitamin K. We fully support your right to make decisions regarding your newborn’s care.

Andaluz midwives provide well baby care through the first six weeks.