Prenatal Care

We find it important to take the time to answer your questions, share information, and get to know you. We schedule an hour for your prenatal visits and want you to know and trust your birth team. We give you the time you deserve. Time for you, your new baby, and your family.

Prenatal visits are scheduled routinely every four weeks until the 32nd week of pregnancy, then every two weeks until a month before you’re due, when we will meet weekly until you go into labor. Your midwives are flexible and accessible, offering additional appointments if needed and available for communication between visits.

Referrals for prenatal testing, ultrasounds, and lab work are offered and discussed in-depth. Along with your midwives, you participate in the decision-making process. Andaluz gives you the time you deserve and affords you the respect to be part of your care.


In-House Ultrasounds


We are excited to welcome Dr. Seth Burrell, who is offering ultrasounds at our birth center on Mondays and Thursdays. Dr. Burrell trained in naturopathic medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. While at NCNM, Dr. Burrell was selected and spent one year in a specialized mentorship and maintained a three-year apprenticeship with Dr. Ed Hofmann-Smith, former Dean of NCNM, gaining many hours of clinical training in obstetrical, gynecological, and basic diagnostic ultrasound.